Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Art Exhibit

My friend "Patch", the blind artist, sold 3 out of his 5 pieces at yesterdays art exhibit, which I think is phenomenal.
He had these clay sculptures dipped in brass, I couldn't believe how well he transformed his art from 2 dimensional ( from drawing, before the blindness) to 3 Dimensional ( clay figurines ).
In typical "Patch" fashion, the art was based on fantastical creatures.
As always, I went with my best buddy, and as always we had too much wine and we had way too much fun making fun of eccentric old folk.
I had to sacrifice an evening at the studio for this but I don't regret it at all, Patch, Joel and I are the type of dudes that were friends in the pimple faced teen days and will be friends when we're old and gray.

Monday, April 19, 2004

Soon enough I'll be interviewed by a public access show that wishes to shed light on the underground artistic community. Though I consider myself a loner ( kind of oxymoronic if you know how popular I've become in certain circles ) I do have to say that my schema of community entails the Acentos family and Poetically Incorrect, kudos to all of you, you've made my past 2 years onstage very interesting and you continue to do so with the creative fire that y'all bring.

Mondays Plan
I`m going to check out my friends art exhibit today at the cancer hospital, the kicker is that my friend is blind. He wasn`t always totally blind, he had one good eye and he wore a patch over the other one up until last year.. and he was a great artist who drew fantastical creatures. He was born with a form of the "Elephant Mans Disease". he has constantly growing tumors in his spine and brain, last year one of the tumors in his head strangled the optic nerve of his good eye.. thats definately one of those things u dont expect to hear about someone.. its not like " hey you know John Doe had a baby?" which is a naturaly occuring life event. It`s more like " Yo, you know John Doe lost an arm last year" or "I know u haven`t seen your cousin in a while, you know he came out the closet".. like one of those wild unexpected shocks.
We love `em though so we show full support.

The weekend:
Went to Studio8 on Saturday night, nice little spot but a little too populated with doo rags for me.