Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Snowstorm Poet

Okay, early morning run-around at Lehman College yesterday to get my student loan enacted. You know what i don't like about Lehman though? I saw a couple of Math professors there, one caucasian man and one asian, both looked so scruffy with their hats turned backwards. Is this an attempt to connect to the youth or are they just not feeling their jobs?

Then when I got to my office, there was a "suspicious package" that lead to 6 of us being detained and quarantined. Check this out though... turns out that the temp mailroom guy who opened that package might actually have been an agent sent over by the company that bought out my firm... they my have been looking for the companies reaction to such a scare tactic.
Damn, more corporate devils to appease.

Last night at the Blue Ox was my first time back at the scene since early fall, but unfortunately the last time this semester since there's scheduling conflicts.
I did that piece about the whole hoax situation that went down at my job... as usual i don't get much vocally-expressed feedback from the crowd but I've learned to sort of feel the air for vibes. There were some great poets and also some not-so-great poets, all in all though a great night to kick off the new year goals for myself.
Don't worry folks, you'll catch me at Chances "Poetically Incorrect" series, or Bar13 on Monday nights.

To the young lawyer who asked me how to get over nervousness onstage for her presentation at the college......
well I'll tell you what I learned from my experience about stage fright.
It usually helps me when I don't meet all the eyes in the room.. it's a good practice down the line because it makes your audience feel engaged, but if you're nervous its not gonna work for you. What you can do is gaze around the room while you're talking but dont actually look anyone in the face, try to look at the armrest, or even better look at their hairstyles.
OR... you could focus mainly on one person or a particular area and make eye contact with a select few people, but this will make that particular audience member uneasy... hope this helps :)